are you a TRUE demigod (da dam persassy jackson fans)

Well if you opened this quiz I'm sure you know Percy Jackson ;) .. Percy Jackson and the Olympians is the book series written by Rick Riordan one of the New York Times Bestselling Author.It's said to be a children book, but it's fun for all ages!

Just like the title,this quiz is all that you have to know if you're a TRUE demigod or not? Well Are you? So here it is the quiz with all percy jackson related to help you find out!

Created by: sassgodsyo
  1. Who is Percy's best friend?
  2. What is Annabeth's fatal flaw
  3. Who died for a rare mythomagic figure?
  4. Percabeth's first kiss is in ..
  5. Percabeth have the best .... kiss in the Last Olympian
  6. The Trio who saves the world on Happy
  7. When's Hazel's last day in New Orleans(first life)?
  8. The girl Praetor of New Rome (Camp Jupiter)
  9. Team Jacob or Team Edward?
  10. There's a shirt with words on it : "panda pillow killer pro" || who would wear it?
  11. Who acted protective of Nico since he knows Nico's 'secret'?

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Quiz topic: Am I a TRUE demigod (da dam persassy jackson fans)