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There are many people who cal! Themselves Percy Jackson fans. This test will prove if you are a real fan or not. You have to know your stuff and have read the books.

Are YOU a true Percy Jackson fan. Well if so, noe is the time to prove yourself worthy the title. Just believe and GI it your best effort. And if you lose just know: you can't have everything in life.

Created by: morgan schmidt

  1. Who is Percy Jackson?
  2. Where does Percy go in the summer?
  3. Who is Percy's two best friends?
  4. Who is Percy's mother
  5. Who were the seven half bloods of the Great Prophecy
  6. What was Leo's metal dragon named?
  7. Who is Chiron
  8. Who is Luke Castellan
  9. What was Percy's first Quest?
  10. What book did Percy and Annabeth finally get together?

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