Are you a true bookworm?

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Hello!! Cat fan here! This is a very short, 10 question quiz where you find out if you are a bookworm! I personally LOVE READING!! Let's see if you do to!

= ] : ) }: ) o ) ; 0 ** o I hope you enjoy the quiz, and tell me in the comments if you are a bookworm!! cwbhwbhjwbhejchbwjcehbj2cebfh2oebhojcebhjo

Created by: Catfan
  1. Do you you like reading?
  2. How many books have you read this year?
  3. How many pages are in the books you usually read?
  4. What do feel when you are reading?
  5. Do you like fiction or non-fiction?
  6. What were you doing before you took this quiz?
  7. Do you like ice cream?? (THIS DOES HAVE AN EFFECT!)
  8. Would you read all day if you could?
  9. Do your friends consider you a reader?
  10. Are you above you grade reading level?
  11. Bye! Thx for taking my quiz!

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Quiz topic: Am I a true bookworm?