Are you a true 1d fan??

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Do you think you know everything about One direction? Take this quiz to find out some of the most basic questions. Ya ya ya theres a few about Zayn but whatever, take my quiz to find out if you are a TRUE fan!

Take all the questions to find out hhow much you really know about them. Theres a lot but im sure you'll learn a thing or two;) dont worry if you dont get them all right. It doesnt matter

Created by: Kate

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  1. Who has 4 nipples?
  2. Whos birthday is on christmas eve
  3. When was One Direction formed
  4. Where is Niall from?
  5. Who has a fear of Spoons?
  6. Who has 1 kidney?
  7. What was the name of louis' pigeon
  8. How many tats does 1d have all together
  9. When was the first time Liam auditioned for the X Factor
  10. Which member has over 60 tats (2015)
  11. Perfect or Infinity?
  12. Did you hear Zayn at 3:19 in Infinity?
  13. Who is the most buff
  14. Is it bad that im making this in class lol XD
  15. What was One directions song tht was never released
  16. When did Zayn leave :'(
  17. Who almost dropped out of X Factor boot camp
  18. Whos middle name is James
  19. Did u enjoy this

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Quiz topic: Am I a true 1d fan??