Love Only Goes One Direction 2

Louis, Harry, Zayn, Niall, Liam. Directioners. "Yes, that's right Kevin, Zayn is a very nice guy". "I. Love. Big. Red. Bus!!" random crap random crap random crap XD

Louis, Harry, Zayn, Niall, Liam. Directioners. "Yes, that's right Kevin, Zayn is a very nice guy". "I. Love. Big. Red. Bus!!" random crap random crap random crap

Created by: 5thMarauder

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  1. You shrugged and turned. You went and dressed in cleaner clothes. Tonight was One Direction's concert. You decided to simply hang around backstage, it'd be a good chance to see what goes on. Your phone beeped as you got a text from your twin sister. "Ur so luky 2 go 2 1D's concrt", she said. "Ye I no. Gues wat! I met 1D!" you replied. "ye rite". "I swear, it's true!". "Den ring me an get dem 2 talk 2 me". "fine". You rolled your eyes and left the room to find the boys. When you walked into the room, Louis, Liam, Harry and Niall beamed, but Zayn only half-smiled. "Whatcha doin?" you asked, sitting next to Zayn on his bed. "Deciding which song we should get you on stage to sing to you" said Harry mischievously.
  2. "Oh no!", you said. "No way!". "Yes, come on, it'll be grand!" said Niall. Zayn rested his head on your shoulder and gave you puppy-dog eyes. You pouted but gave in. "But you have to ring my sister, she doesn't believe I met you", you said. "Okay, give me your phone" said Liam eagerly. You handed to him, and got your sister number on the screen. He called, and put it on speaker.
  3. "Hello?", asked your sister. "Hey, it's _____", you said. "Oh, hi. So where's One Direction" she asked. "Right here!", said Louis. Your sister didn't say anything. "Woah, where are you?" "I'm in their room in this hotel". "Uh-huh, sure" "Yep, it's true!" said Harry. " We'll, I have to go now, but I can talk to you later" , said your sister. "Bye" you and the boys said.
  4. After a while the boys started wandering around. When no-one was in the room, Zaym asked to talk to you. "Sure", you said. He seemed agitated and nervous. "Louis told us how he feels about you, but I feel the same way", he said. "I know you like Louis. I'd be stupid not to know. It obvious. I don't mind if he loves you, I don't mind if you love him. It's not because I don't care about you, but because I do. I care about you, so I only want you to be happy and safe. Louis can, and does, make you happy and safe". "Oh Zayn!" You cried, and flung your arms around him.
  5. He kissed your forehead and you hugged him again. "You know I only want you to be happy", he smiled. "Thank you", you smiled. When you sat on Louis' bed the other boys returned. "Where were you?" You asked. "Noooo-wheeeerree", grinned Niall. You looked suspiciously around. Even though Zayn wasn't with the boys he seemed to know what had happened. Harry lay on the floor, on his Nintendo again. The other boys did the same. Louis jumped onto the bed. "Aren't you guys meant to be practising for your concert tonight?" You asked. "This is practising" said Harry. "Fair enough" you replied, shaking your head.
  6. The time for the concert arrived, and you went backstage with the boys. They looked adorable in their signature outfits. Louis was wearing stripes as usual, Harry was wearing a white shirt, Liam was wearing a checked shirt, Niall was wearing a red polo shirt and Zayn was wearing a varsity jacket. The boys sang several songs, and then you heard Harry say "Our friend ______ is going to come on stage now". You felt someone push you out onto the stage. The audience was huge, girls were everywhere, copying the boys outfits, holding signs, holding cameras, and screaming, the noise was incredible. Harry pulled you up next to him and Louis put his arm around you. Harry and the boys began singing What Makes You Beautiful. When Harry began his solo, the boys made faces and teased him. Harry snorted once or twice in the middle of the song, and you had to elbow him in the ribs.
  7. When the song ended the girls seemed to be screaming and cheering forever. Eventually the boys and you left the stage, laughing your heads off, basically at nothing. Liam collapsed onto a chair, exhausted. Louis sat on top of him, cuddling into him. You took a picture on your iPod, giggling at the two of them. You and the five boys went back to the hotel.
  8. *That's Part2! I know it's really short, I'm sorry. There will only be 3 parts to this unless you give me some ideas in the comments ;D And to all you Harry Potter fans, go up, and click on my user name. Then go down, and click on Hogwarts Love Story Part 1. Because it's awesome! Lol, yeah right. Just do it anyway ^-^*
  9. I Love
  10. Louis Tomlinson!! :D

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