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  • I got girly girl! Woooh :) Good quiz, very accurate in the answer! But I'm not dumb, I'm kind of smart. ha ha! Btw the rest of you commenting are rude and stupid if I may say. Well I just did anyway. Cario04 said it was extremely biased. If the title of the quiz is "Are you a tomboy or girly girl obviously it is not for guys. Maybe you should also read the top of quizzes to because it said, just in case you couldn't wrap your brain around it. But you still took it so sorry to break the news to you but you're the one with issues not the quiz maker!

    Please try my new quiz "What is your body shape?!" x

  • Just looking through it seemed incredibly biased, and half of these questions I couldn't even answer.

    1/10 stars because I can't go any lower.

  • This quiz sucks :| Thanks for wasting 2 minutes of my life that I will never get back


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