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  • Your Result: Middle!

    Cool, you're in the middle! Like me!!!! Yay! You don't really hang around with guys- you're too shy. You may have a best guy friend but you guys just do homework and play games and stuff like that. You have leggings and tee shirts and possibly a bit of make-up. MIDDLES ARE AS AWESOME AS TOMBOYS!!!!!!

    Ya y! I used to hang around with the guys and did just about everything they did when I was little...but now I only have my boyfriend and one other guy friend but we aren't super close

  • You guys all hot middle? Wow.... Just wow! That's really ironic! Don't cha think? Anyway I got completely Girly-girl! Ugh I'm am so in the middle! You lied to me! Darn you!!!! Wharves at least im happy for what I believe in!

  • Middle. Definitely.
    Awesom e quiz!

    I took another one like that, and it told me I was a girly girl! I am SO not a girly girl. I'm closer to tomboy than girly girl, but I AM in the middle.

    rating this up!

  • Your Result: Middle! PHEW! I was afraid I was gonna be full-blow Tomboy :P

  • actually all my friends are boys, and their my brothers, also, i hate makeup.

  • middle other quizzes say tomboy

    united states
  • YES!! i'm middle! That's exactly me! cool quiz! :)


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