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  • I am NOT a f---ing girly girl. I only wear dark colors and all the answers is girly girl correct ur quiz

  • First off, Im non binary, took this quiz for laughs, and I got girly girl. Didnt surprise me, I am a rather feminine person, but the text though.

    Copy pasted from quiz:

    Girly girl you like pink you love makeup shops like Sephora you are a good digger you don't like tomboy and you like the boys only to talk sometimes

    Um, thats really rude, like not everyone that likes wearing dresses is a gold digger. Stereotyping at its finest ( worst ).

  • How did I get girly girl... I hate pink... all I do is stay home and play video games or sleep.... I think this quiz is broken- ;-;

  • XD seriously? I am NOT a f---ing girly girl. I only wear dark colors, unless im forced to wear pink, and in that case you are DEAD!!! Never make me wear pink.

    Not So Angelic
  • Bro, you obviously screwed up on this quiz. For real, it seems the only result is girly girl. Wtf, Im not. You can ask anyone around me. And the scores dont make sense either, fix it.

  • Pink is gross. I am NOT a 'girly girl'.

    I think that might be the only answer for that though...

  • I am not a girly girl whoever who made this quiz doesn't know how to make quizzes.Shame on you,ME A GIRLY GIRL,WHAT ARE YOU?????:(:(

  • how the f--- did I get girly girl I hate pink hate shopping hate and have never worn makeup I fight with everyone and WIN

    a fighting fox
  • im not a girly girl though

    something weird