Are you a Tomboy?

there are many girls out there, but i think there are 4 catagory's of 'girls'. #1. girly girl. all heard of them right? #2. an average girl. they range from almost girly to almost tomboy. #3. slight tomboy. they like to do tomboy stuff but also like to do girly stuff too! #4. total tomboy. they are almost just like guys, but not quite!

so are YOU a girly-girl, girl, slight tomboy, or total tomboy? thanks to this quick quiz. you can find out fast!

Created by: Mason15051

  1. your wardrobe constits mostly of:
  2. your favorite sport would be:
  3. your favorite color is:
  4. your favorite music is:
  5. where would we most likly find you:
  6. who are your friends:
  7. how often do you go get new clothes:
  8. your make-up consits of:
  9. do you think that you are a tomboy?
  10. what's the best word to discribe you:
  11. was this quiz awesome?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Tomboy?