What are u tomboy or girly girl?

Would you like to be a tomboy or girlie girl? Now you will find out if you really are what type you want to be. I took a quiz on a different site and it said I was tomboy. Correct!

Also what your favorite animal is and what it looks like but you might not have favorite animal it only really matters if you like it over the rest of the answers.

Created by: alex

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. which colurs do u like best.
  2. which animals do u like best( barely effects )
  3. friends
  4. which would you like to do more
  5. do u hve a phone, what do you do
  6. if u had only one pair of shoes and they where broken down wut woud u do
  7. wut do you wear without school
  8. will u comment and rate
  9. do u wish pink was the only color in the world
  10. do u like this quiz? ( does not effect )

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