how girly or tomboy are you

Are you a preppy girly girl are a tomboy take my quiz and see how muck of a girly prep or tomboy you are comment and rate to ok try my other quizes byeeeee

This quiz is gonna tell you how much of af girly prep or tomboy you are well take it and find out comment and rate to ok try my other quizes ok ummmm byyeeeeee

Created by: saralee123
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Jewerly
  2. makeup
  3. Mini skirts and short shorts
  4. Cheerleading :]
  6. dirt boogies farts slim
  7. girly frilly clothes and undies
  8. unicorns ponies kitties puppys :]
  9. Guns knives weapons violence
  10. are you called cute and sweet
  11. High heels
  12. the color pink
  13. are you BOY CRAZY
  14. Broke a nail
  15. Metal hardrock
  16. nailpolish
  17. skateboarding
  18. What do you think you are so far
  19. comment / rate okkk
  20. Quiz done bubye
  21. OPPS! soap opras forgot

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Quiz topic: How girly or tomboy am I