Girly or Tomboy?

Are you girly? Are you a tomboy? or are you in-between? Time to find out for yourself! REMEMBER me? it's me Scar, from all those other quizzes! I got bored so i came up with this quiz! Hope you like it!

Lay the work on me because taking this quiz will tell you if you're tomboyish, girly, or in-between! I hope you like it and enjoy the quiz! Please rate and enjoy! -Scar >

Created by: Scar

  1. You pass by a shop that has the most gorgeous shoes in the world!! but..wait..what shoes ARE you staring at?
  2. It's a gorgeous sunny day what are you wearing?
  3. What is an ideal pet for you?
  4. what is your symbol?
  5. which is a word you use alot
  6. What is an ideal date for you?
  7. blue or red?
  8. Pink or green?
  9. monkey or tiger?
  10. ready for the results
  11. ok last question: ready for your results?

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