Are You a Time Lord?

There are many creatures from even more other worlds. There are the classic older ones such as Daleks, and new ones like Weeping Angels. Of course, the Doctor is the most dangerous of all, a Time Lord.

Could YOU be a Time Lord? Could you be from another planet? After taking this quiz, you won't have to wonder any more, as you will have a definite answer!

Created by: Kizzy Carr
  1. Do you have a Tardis?
  2. Have you met the Doctor?
  3. Have you ever regenerated?
  4. Have you helped save Earth?
  5. Do you think you are a Time Lord?
  6. When did you start to wonder if you were a Time Lord?
  7. Can you imagine yourself as a Doctor Who character?
  8. How often do you watch Doctor Who?
  9. What is the monster that scares you the most?
  10. Are you really thousands of years old?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Time Lord?