Are you a spelling champion??

This quiz is to test your spelling and vocab skills along with counting letters. Just remember to have fun and take your time all the Q's and A's are accurate

Do you have what it takes to become a spelling chamion? Take afew minutes to do this quiz and you will find out! Spelling champions are made every day and you could be one of them!

Created by: Jaynee

  1. What is the correct spelling of this word:
  2. Which one is correct
  3. which word is spelled incorrectly?
  4. which word means "to get better"
  5. What is the correct spelling of this word:
  6. Which is the correct spelling of this word?
  7. What spelling is correct?
  8. Which word is spelled incorrectly?
  9. How many letters are in paleontologist
  10. Which is the correct spelling?

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Quiz topic: Am I a spelling champion??