Which WWE Champion Are You?

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WWE Champion! The most prestigious position in sports entertainment. But do the skills required to be a great champion transfer to real life? Take the quiz to find out WHICH WWE champion you'd be!

Are you a by-the-book kind of champ? Do you play by your own rules to get the job done? Do you steal tips off the table in diners? Or offer to wash your own dishes? Find out if you're cut out to wear the strap!

Created by: Jay
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  1. The ref turns his back and you spy a steel chair next to your prone opponent. Do you:
  2. During your ring walk, a young fan asks for an autograph. you respond by:
  3. During your ring walk, a young fan asks for an autograph. you respond by:
  4. You've captured the WWE belt. The first person you thank is:
  5. We're back from commercial break and you're set to cut your promo. You:
  6. Randy Orton wants to tag with you at the next PPV. You tell him:
  7. You're one rung from the briefcase at "Money In The Bank". You:
  8. Mr. McMahon secretly asks you to lose the title to better WWE ratings. You say:
  9. You've got a non-title match with Sgt. Slaughter. You:
  10. You've won WWE gold! Your belt:

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Quiz topic: Which WWE Champion am I?