Are you a side chick?

There are lots of use girls/guys that are getting played for a fool and not knowing it . We always wish that we knew before hand so we could've dodged a heartache.

These questions came from experience I want you to take this quiz to find out who you are ....... the SIDE CHICK or MAIN.

Created by: chaunda

  1. Does he/she talk/text you everyday
  2. Does he/she spend time with you?
  3. Is he always busy?
  4. Does he say he loves and miss you?
  5. is he always lying ?
  6. How long does it take him to reply to text/calls.
  7. Is he married/dating someone else?
  8. Does he tell you how he/she feels a lot?
  9. Is he/she gone for lots of hours without contact
  10. About how many times do yall hang out every 2 weeks ?

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Quiz topic: Am I a side chick?