Are you a satanist?

Are you a satanist? Would you know if you where? Well thats what we all hope to find out. Many will be surprised at the results and may even become angry HEHE.

As surprised as some maybe many others will breath a sigh of relief in knowing the truth. So what are you waiting for, take the quiz and find out the fate of your soul LOL.

Created by: TiY X

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  1. DO you believe that Satan is real as well as hell?
  2. If someone you invited to your home became extremely obnoxious and showed little respect for you and your home you would...
  3. Do you believe that animals are lesser than humans?
  4. Do you think the purpose of animals is to serve the needs of man?
  5. Is rock and roll the devil's music.
  6. If the bible did not exist would you still be a morel person?
  7. What do you think about Aleister crowley?
  8. Satan means....
  9. Who started the church of Satan.
  10. Is this he last question.

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Quiz topic: Am I a satanist?