Are You A Satanist..?

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All right, I'll start this off with saying I am not yet a Satanist, although I wish to be. This 'quiz', of course, is rather inaccurate. I doubt that most people will be satisfied with their results, and to people who are, congrats.

If you happen to know more about Satanism and wish to tell me, my email (without the spaces) is demon As a k u u n @ g mail . c o m Now, do go and take the quiz, would you?

Created by: Asakuun Draconis
  1. Satan?
  2. Which of these numbers is best? 6, 36, 666, 7, 14, 7777777
  3. There is a house aflame. You:
  4. Someone tells you that you're sinning. You would most likely say:
  5. Whether you like it or not, you're sleeping. Satan comes to you in a dream. Your words:
  6. The dream Satan says that you will get cancer and slowly die, PAINFULLY, unless you give yourself up to him now. You?
  7. You have another dream shortly after the first one. When you awaken, you have no clothing (or underclothing for that matter) and there is someone on the other side of the bed/on the floor...
  8. You find out that the strange person was doing perverted things to you..
  9. You are going to get a tattoo. It is PERMANENT. It looks like:
  10. Say you met Satan on the streets (and knew it was him right away) at night. You would:
  11. Now, how much do you know about Satanism anyway...answer me this: WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN TRADITIONAL AND MODERN SATANISM, AS FOUND IN AN IMPARTIAL ARTICLE?
  12. All right, the 'quizzing' part is done. Now, would you ever go to a church? (a CHRISTIAN church)
  13. Heaven or hell?
  14. You know what, I'm done with this Satanism quiz. I'm going to go get some iced blood lemonade.

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Quiz topic: Am I A Satanist..?