Are you a teachers pet? (sorry if I mistaked gender)

This quiz is about if you are a teacher's pet. Your teacher may despise you, or like you. If they like you according to this quiz, congrats! I just hope this is accurate.

I wish you the best of luck on this quiz. If the teacher ends up not liking you, I'm sorry. Hopefully this will turn out inaccurate. This probably is inaccurate anyway, don't feel too bad about yourself.

Created by: Wewoew
  1. Do you always raise your hand in class?
  2. Do you always turn in your homework early?
  3. Does your teacher go softly on you compared to others?
  4. What are your grades?
  5. Whenever you raise your hand, does the teacher pick you?
  6. Do you like school?
  7. Does your teacher ever compliment you?
  8. Do you ever interrupt the teacher?
  9. Do you say good morning to her, have a nice day, or thank you for teaching us?
  10. Do you ever have a nice chat with your teacher?

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Quiz topic: Am I a teachers pet? (sorry if I mistaked gender)