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  • You are 50% samurai!

    You are not a samurai. But you are a good person. Your score indicates you have several of the values held be samurai warriors. This is to be commended. Unfortunately you are just not warrior material.

    Not warrior material? That's a load of crap, I've been training since I was seven years old to fight. And my motto is "Never surrender on the battlefield but fight until victory or death."

    Like I said, the quiz is a load of crap...

  • You are 74% samurai!

    But honestly: Samurai class was not so honourable as holywood movies show. Their code concerned only to other samurai. They wee not so honourable to peasants. To most of samurai peasants were trash.

  • Only 17%! I love samurai darn. Oh well I answered them all without getting stuck between two different answers and I still kick ass with a katana.

    Ellis Redding

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