Are you a royal or a rebel? EAH story!

Are you a royal or rebel? Take this quiz to find out for sure. There are three possible results, and well thought out questions, waste no time! This is your quiz now.

Royals and rebels have so many differences in EAH, but what about the royals and rebels of real life, a.k.a. girly vs rebellious. You can even be both on this quiz!

Created by: Jessica

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  1. Someone says something rude to you without a reason. What do you do?
  2. There's a party coming up and you have to go. What do you wear?
  3. You're parents' character is viewed by others as:
  4. You've always been on the team of:
  5. You have a crush on this guy and you know he is interested in you, but he hasn't talked to me.
  6. What kind of music do you like?
  7. When/if you lie, what is the reason?
  8. What dance reminds you of the aspects of your personality?
  9. Choose an emoji.
  10. You get a mean instagram message, what happens next?
  11. Who is your favorite on this list?
  12. Are you superstitous?

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Quiz topic: Am I a royal or a rebel? EAH story!