Are you a reptile expert?

Many people watch the animal planet and visit zoos each year. With all this attention, many people think they are experts on reptiles. Reptiles are my first love and thing i lave the most. this is a quiz to test your knowledge and to see how much you know. Its not easy, try at your own risk.

Do you think you have what it takes to be the next steve irwin. Thins is a quiz to see how much you know about reptiles. Its not easy so try and answer the best you can, its just fun with all the attention the tv and zoos bring.

Created by: vernon kitchen jr
  1. Fresh water crocodiles some times inhabit salty ocean water. How do they get rid of the harmful salts?
  2. Where is the jacobson organ located in reptiles?
  3. How many penises do male reptiles have?
  4. What is the biggest snake?
  5. What makes the komodo dragon a deadly reptile?
  6. what is the most venomous snake on the earth.
  7. There are snakes that only eat veggies.
  8. The only good snake is a dead snake.
  9. How many different species of snakes are there?
  10. What does the term albino mean?
  11. Turtles get their body heat by doing what?
  12. Chameleons are known to change colors. What other lizards can change theirs?

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Quiz topic: Am I a reptile expert?