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  • This quiz is... bad. Even if I were to ignore the many grammatical errors, spelling errors, and pointless questions, there is still many things wrong with this quiz. Some of the questions had no correct answers, like the one that asked "Who is Palpatine?" The answer that was "correct," was obviously the "all of the above," option, but even that option is technically wrong. Palpatine never had anything to do with the Old Republic. Or the question "Who won the battle of Ruusan?" The correct answer is either no one, or Darth Bane, because pretty much everyone died.

    This is a bad quiz and the creator should feel bad.

    • While I'm not trying to invalidate your fact checking, gsand44, I do have to say that it's a really horrible thing to tell someone they should feel bad for making a quiz that doesn't meet your standards. Palpatine13 worked hard to make this quiz and you shouldn't be the one to tell them that they should be ashamed of themselves for making it.

  • This quiz barely touched on any of the original movies. Not to mention, the TONS of spelling errors, lots of grammatical errors. The really horrible thing is to tell someone at the end of the quiz they are a moron and aren't a real Star Wars fan because they didn't score above 88%.

    han solo
  • Pretty good quiz, not as good as mine but a lot better than some of the other crap out there. There were some confusing grammatical mistakes but I can see the questions took a good deal of star wars knowledge. Now go take the Ultimate Star Wars Quiz.

    Husky Ninja 74
  • The creator of this quiz has no people skills. This person is probably a low life or something who doesn't care that other people may not know some things other than how great the movie was.

  • I did better than I felt like I was doing. I had to have guessed right on a couple that I didn't know. I'll make a quiz of my own to make myself feel even smarter lol.

    Ellis Redding
  • OK quiz


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