are you a real Shawn mendes fan?

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HEY, you are about to take an easy shawn menedes quiz, but watch out fake fans, menedesarmy is on their way. and if you enjoyed my little quiz... then what are you waiting for, send it to friends an family

you must know these simple questions if you call yourself a mendesarmy if you are scared, then don't be, this quiz is just the easiest quiz ever made.

Created by: hagar

  1. what is Shawn Mendes's first album name?
  2. what is Shawn Mendes's zodiac sign?
  3. choose what is the song the lyrics came from. "be my summer in a winter day, love"
  4. "Tried to fix me up but I'm not broken"
  5. "You deserve more than I can promise"
  6. which of these singers Shawn Menes HAVEN'T do a song with?
  7. when was Shawn Mendes born ?
  8. what is the right order of Shawn Mendes's albums?
  9. how many tattoos does Shawn Mendes have?
  10. Shawn Menedes have a sister and a step mother. true or false

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Quiz topic: Am I a real Shawn mendes fan?