How well do you know about One Piece

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There are many people that watch One Piece... But are they really fans? Are YOU a fan? Take this quiz and let's see how many questions you can answer correctly.

Are you a REAL fan of One Piece? Those are some really easy questions to know if you are a real fan or not. What are you waiting for?! Take the quiz already!

Created by: Sara

  1. Who is the sniper of the Straw Hat Pirates?
  2. What was the name of the woman that adopted Nami?
  3. When a seahorse stole the memories of Luffy, Zoro. Nami, Usopp, Sanji,'and Chopper, why didn't he steal Robin's memory?
  4. What happened to Koina?
  5. What is Sanji's dream?
  6. Princess Vivi, as a member of Baroque Works, she was called...
  7. What did Usopp bring from Skypiea by trading rubber (something that the Skypieans haven't ever seen)?
  8. Which Ordeal did Luffy choose when he was in Upper Yard with Sanji and Usopp?
  9. Rob Lucci has a devil fruit power that allows him to transform into a...
  10. Who did Silver Fox Foxy pick from the Straw Hat Pirates to join his crew?
  11. Are four members of CP9
  12. Who wins in the battle between Luffy and Usopp?

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