One Piece - Mugiwara Kaizoku

One Piece Quiz! Test your knowledge on the popular anime One Piece! See if your ready to sail the high seas with the Strawhat Pirates. Just click start and IKKO!

See if you know the names, places, and events in the popular anime One Piece! See if your ready to take the grand line on with Luffy and his Nakama and find adventures you can't find anywhere else.

Created by: luffelove4ever
  1. Who wears a straw hat?
  2. Who says "San tori-yuu" when he fights a difficult opponent? (3 sword style)
  3. Which two people died in the "War of the Best"?
  4. Who helped Ussop on the eating island when Kuma banished the Strawhat's?
  5. Which character grew up in an orange grove?
  6. Which one is a Warlord?
  7. Which adventure are the Shandorians in?
  8. Which character almost killed Luffy with his poisonous hook and sand "devil fruit" powers?
  9. Who was the first person Luffy met after he burst open a barrel that he was sleeping in for weeks? (1st episode)
  10. Who is known as the strongest swordsman in the world?
  11. After the Strawhat crew reunited 2 years later, What was different about Luffy's body?
  12. Who saves most of the Strawhats when they crashed into Fishman island's bubble and got separated... again?
  13. Which prison had 6 layers of extreme torture, where Luffy faced them all just to save his Ni-Chan (Ace)
  14. Which theme park in Japan has One Piece attractions, stores, restaurants, and life size characters?
  15. Monkey D. Dragon is the leader of the Revolutionary Army. Who is is father?
  16. Who is Monkey D. Dragon's son?
  17. Who sacrifices his life at Impel Down, so that Luffy can rescue his brother?
  18. Who is Mr.1?
  19. What is the name of the two Strawhat ships?
  20. What is Chopper's full name?
  21. Who reminds Zoro of a childhood friend that passed away?
  22. Who is Gol D. Roger?
  23. What did Gol D. Roger do before he was executed?
  24. Who is Gol D. Roger's son?
  25. Who is the voice of Luffy in the Japanese version?
  26. Who does the voice of Brook?
  27. What does Franky call himself?
  28. When did the One Piece manga's start to get published by Shonen Jump?

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