Are You A Real Rider?

There are many people who think they are a true rider, but few people put in the work, passion, blood, sweat and tears. These people never tire of horses, and would do anything to be around horses.

Are you a real rider? Do you have that passion, that drive, that true love for the animals and the sport? But thanks to this fabulous quiz, you can find out in just a few minutes.

Created by: AbsouteEscapade

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  1. How long do you spend grooming your horse on a daily basis?
  2. How many inches behind the shoulder blade does the saddle sit?
  3. Do you do any kind of natural horsemanship like Parelli?
  4. You warm up by...
  5. Your opinion on dressage?
  6. Cavaletti are...
  7. A lope is...
  8. Equitation is judged how?
  9. You should shorten your stirrups ____ holes before galloping and jumping.
  10. A Morgan hunter classically performs fast trot and a _________ canter.
  11. Which of the following breeds are shown in full mane & tail?
  12. A half pass is an example of what?
  13. You cool down by...

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Quiz topic: Am I A Real Rider?