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  • When you gave us answers, sometimes the correct one wasn't there. For example, when you asked what riddle they had to answer, it was "What came first, the phoenix or the flame?" and Luna answered, "A circle has no beginning."

    I know because I just finished reading the Deathly Hallows for the third time.

  • Horrible quiz, even though i got a perfect score. Question 5 had the wrong answer to it. That was the question the door asked professoer Mcgonagall, not Harry and Luna.

  • Excellent quiz. Lots of good stuff. I needed to know my Harry Potter better.

  • One of the Questions was wrong it was What came first, the phoenix or the flame?

    Horses and HP
  • they asked what came first the phoenix or the flame and Lona says:its an on going circle

  • why would you think im a muggle...
    *damatic music plays in backround*
    goo d quiz

    Jack Attack 1995

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