Are you a real Harry Potter fan?

There are many Harry Potter fans, but few are true fans. If you take this quiz, you're promised to find out and most of all have fun taking my quiz!!!

Are YOU a Harry Potter fan? YES, IM TALKIN TO YOU! Do you have the skill to defeat my quiz? The knowledge of Hermione Granger? The bravery of Harry Potter? Find out!

Created by: Amy

  1. *SPOILER FOR HPDH* What does the snitch say when Harry brings it up to his mouth in the Deathly Hallows?
  2. *SPOILER FOR HPDH* Who dies in the seventh book at the end and who was he fighting?
  3. In the second book, Harry is fighting the basilisk, and then Fawkes the Pheonix comes in and blinds the basilisk. What does Tom Riddle say?
  4. *SPOILER FOR HPDH* When Kreacher is telling his story about the poison in the cup in the seventh book, what does Hermione try to do?
  5. *SPOILER FOR HPDH* When Luna and Harry enter Ravenclaw tower, what is the riddle they are given by the door in the seventh book?
  6. *SPOILER FOR HPDH* What are the names of the snatchers that kidnap Ron, Harry, and Hermione?
  7. In the fifth book of Harry Potter, Which order members come to rescue him from the Dursleys?
  8. What form of Patronus is Ron's?
  9. *SPOILER FOR HPDH* Who is the rightful owner of the Elder Wand?
  10. In the fourth book, Harry is to face three challenges. What is the second one?

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Quiz topic: Am I a real Harry Potter fan?