Are you a real Greek/Roman demigod (or just a PJ fan)?

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This quiz is to find out whether you're a real Greek/Roman demigod or just a Percy Jackson fan who thinks they're one. Too many (thousands/millions) of people claim to be demigods, but few are real demigods like us.

Think that you might be a real Greek/Roman demigod? Or want to find out about what it means to be one? Then, please take the quiz if you dare!? (Maybe it's a bad idea to find out. The side effects can be deadly).

Created by: Daniella Lucy DC of My Page for Demigods:
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  1. Do you have a past-life as a demigod slaying monsters, training for battles, fighting in wars, on other planets or in the Greek/Roman gods' realm? Or partying with them on The Sun?
  2. Did you incarnated as a human on a mission for The Greek/Roman Gods?
  3. Did your godly parents give a divine/demigod name that's not your mortal name? Do you have a divine spirit-form that doesn't look exactly like your mortal body and that you didn't choose?
  4. Do you astral travel between the godly realm and mortal world, on missions for The Greek/Roman Gods, particularly during your dreams?
  5. Do you receive visions or divine messages of The Greek/Roman Gods' unwritten knowledge? Do they tell you to or do you feel obliged to pass that onto humanity?
  6. Do you desire to become a god or attempt to reach godhood, through establishing your cult or something?
  7. Does your incarnated spirit wear Greek/Roman armour and grow angel wings when you fall through space or try to fly?
  8. Do you or would you take archery or sword-fighting lessons? Do you or would you have real Greek/Roman armour and weapons in your bedroom?
  9. Are you passionate about Greek/Roman mythology? Do you study it or have books about it?
  10. Do you have conversations with The Greek/Roman gods? Do they send you signs, dreams &/or visions?
  11. Do you believe that The Greek/Roman Gods created The Greek Myths and not vice versa? Do you actually believe that The Greek/Roman Gods are real?
  12. Do you have real extraordinary powers? Do you receive visions of impending doom? Or have you used telekinesis, read people's minds, know things without knowing, controlled the weather, interpreted oracles or used any other magical powers?
  13. Do monsters or demons try to kidnap or attack your incarnated spirit, particularly during your sleep? Do you try to fight them?
  14. When you look at ancient Greece or Rome, or the mountains, forests, seas, stars or other natural habitats, do you see your home?
  15. Do you hear a godly voice calling you his daughter or son, particularly when you fall asleep or connect with a particular part of nature?
  16. Do you have an ancient Greek/Roman sense of style and a Greek/Roman collection?
  17. Do you have a godly/scholarly/geeky/older than thou intelligence? Do you sometimes feel too ancient or too young?
  18. Have you stopped aging from 12-30 years old? Or do you look at least 5 or 10 years younger?
  19. Do you think that the word, 'mortal' is hilarious? Do you say the word just to make yourself crack up laughing? Do you enjoy brutal roleplay and jokes? Also, feasting and drinking wine?
  20. Do you keep reincarnating and going to between lives forever? Are you immortal?

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Quiz topic: Am I a real Greek/Roman demigod (or just a PJ fan)?