Are You A Real Fulltime Red Sox Fan

There are many people who claim to be a part of Red Sox nation? But are they really, or are they just joining the bandwagon? If the Sox were to fall out of the playoffs this week, would all those jerseys, player shirts, and hats get shoved to the back of the closet? A Real Red Sox fan, rides the up and downs with the team. A Real fan just loves the game, and when the Sox win it's just a little sweeter. We believe, and we never give up because we know there is always next year.

Do you know the Red Sox? Do you know the Red Sox for more than their amazing season this year? Put your loyalty to the test and prove once and for all that you should be allowed into Red Sox nation?

Created by: Kelly
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  1. Before 2004, when was the last time the Red Sox were in the world series?
  2. What team did the Sox beat in 2004 to win the World Series?
  3. What was the Boston Red Sox original team name
  4. Which former Red Sox came up with 2004's "Cowboy Up" theme?
  5. Which Red Sox' made the final out in the 2004 World Series?
  6. Which pitcher signed a 6 year $53 million dollar contract this season?
  7. Who pitched a no hitter this season?
  8. Who was the last Red Sox pitcher, before Josh Beckett, to have 20 wins on the season?
  9. How many hours have you spent watching/listening to Red Sox games this seasons,
  10. Who should be MVP this year?

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Quiz topic: Am I A Real Fulltime Red Sox Fan