Have You Ever Been In Real Love ?

Love is an intense affection for another person based on familial or personalties. Real Love is Unconditional and Forgiving. It breaks all tradition and cultural boundaries. It feeds of all senses and emotions. It emcompasses Pain and Pleasure. Real Love is not achievable overnight or can be brought ! Real Love is Fair, filled with Passion and Reason !!!

Are you or have you ever been in Real Love ? Is your love intense and engulfed in excitement ? Is your love questionable ? Do you know what Real Love is ? Take this quiz and test your Real Love Knowledge !!!!

Created by: Lamech of myspace
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  1. Have you ever been in Love ?
  2. Did or Does your heart race when you seen or see this person ?
  3. How long did it take for you to kiss this person ?
  4. How long does the kiss usually last ?
  5. Are the kisses Magical ?
  6. Do you get a chill or some kind of physical reaction ?
  7. What are you thinking of when kissing this person ?
  8. How long did it take for intimacy ?
  9. Did you tell this person before or after intimacy, how many sexual partners you had ?
  10. Do you write letters to this person ?
  11. Did you write letters to this person ?
  12. Does this person ever annoy you ?
  13. Does this person get under your skin and on your last nerve to the point of losing all self control ?
  14. Would you die for this person ?
  15. Would you kill for this person ?
  16. How much time do you spend thinking of this person ?
  17. Do you display public affection for each other ?
  18. Have you ever went all the way in a public place ?
  19. Approximately how many times have you been intimate in public ?
  20. Would you wake up, get out of your bed to get this person something ?
  21. Would you wake up to give this person Some ?
  22. If offered 1 million dollars, would you allow this person to sleep with someone else ?
  23. How about for 10 million ?
  24. If you were in the movie "Titanic", would you share the Floating Door ?

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