Which SOTTP Girl are you?

We all love the sisterhood of the travelling pants. they all rock and we all love them all like real sisters. There's Lena, the artist who is shy but the most beautiful person! There's Bridget, wild and unstopable, but has a side that need someone to care as well. Ther's Tibby, the one who marches to her own beat and is NOT a cookie-cutter girl at all. There's Carmen, the passionate one who loves her family. They ALL love their friendds. And they all are sisters beneath the skin. I KNOW you all love all of them, but I KNOW you have favorites, and I KNOW you are all proabably more like or more unlike some characters. But don't just pick according to who you like best, pick honestly! I'm watching you! (lol, not really, i don'tt even havve a webbcamm, so i couldn't even if i was a techie dork!)(nothing agaiinst techies! I love em!)

But we all have one we're most like, how do we know for sure? This quiz. It'll tell you. I want to remind you ONCE AGAIN that you NEDD to AWNSER HONESTLY! THis is not a quiz to "prove" you are most like your favorite character to anybody... this is for your benefit to see for real! So... Take a chance ! Go on!

Created by: Shelby
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What's your role in your group of friends?
  2. How would you keep in touch with your BFFs when you are apart for a while?
  3. What would be the magic thing the pants would bring to you?
  4. Which summer camp would you rather go to?
  5. WHat is your favorite hair color?
  6. What's your favorite eye color?
  7. How do you feel about school?
  8. What is your favorite passtime?
  9. Who's your best friend?
  10. I need a boy who...
  11. WHo is someone you WISH you could be (or maybe need to be) more like?

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Quiz topic: Which SOTTP Girl am I?