are you a REAL jobro fan?

many people say that they are jonas brother fans.alot of people just think they are real fans,but most really don't know much about them. A real fan would know things about them that you could be called a jonas sister.

are you a real, true jonas brother fan? do you have enough fan power and research to call yourself a that?well thanks to this quiz you find out in mintues! good luck!

Created by: hely

  1. which object did joe jonas put on when a fan threw it on stage?
  2. what did kevin say he can't live with out?
  3. what's the name of the 8th song on the cd a little bit longer?
  4. what did mrs. jonas give nick for his 16th birthday?
  5. which brother's b-day is on thier parents anniversary?
  6. when kevin was little he wanted to be a...
  7. when jo was little he was photographed in a basket of...
  8. what reason was nick teased in school?
  9. when joe texts,how does he hold his phone?
  10. the jonas brothers bought another house in what state?
  11. how much water do the bros drink each day?
  12. the jonas brothers 3d movie premires....
  13. the jonas brothers were compared to waht other famous band?
  14. what is nick's favorite movie?
  15. did the jonas brothers win at the grammys?

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Quiz topic: Am I a REAL jobro fan?