Are you a pyro?

There are many people out there that claim that they are a pyromaniac, but most of them are not pyromaniacs, take my quiz to see if you are a pyromaniac, and see whether or not you need to play with fire more or less.

Are you a pyromaniac, take this quiz of 20 questions and find out if you are a true pyromaniac or a beginer trying to improve you pyromaniac skills. Dont worry about this last sentence because I needed to complete this.

Created by: jason
  1. Do you play with matches?
  2. Do you burn the hair on your arms,legs,head etc. on purpose?
  3. while camping, how big do you make your campfires?
  4. How many lighters do you own?
  5. Have you made a rocket engine?
  6. If so, did your rocket engine work?
  7. Have you ever lit someone on fire?
  8. How much do you spend on fireworks each year
  9. Have you made a flamethrower out of a spray bottle and a lighter?
  10. When bored, do you light random things in your room on fire?
  11. While camping, do you get yelled out for messing with the fire?
  12. Have you been in a bottle rocket war?
  13. Do you enjoy blowing things up?
  14. Have you ever lit a building on fire?
  15. Do you keep a bottle of flammable liquid in your room?
  16. While camping, do you sit around for hours and watch the fire burn?
  17. What best builds a fire?
  18. How many times have you burned yourself?

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Quiz topic: Am I a pyro?