This quiz is about to see what ranking in pyrotechnics you would fall under...i would only recomend taking this quiz if you ONLY! wanna see if you are a real pyromaniac... or unless you are bored and wanna do something for fun...I would also not recomened messing with fire in stupid acts unless you are getting tons of money for it! AND i mean tons!!!! Understand?And If you feel like you already know your not a pyro or if you are then dont take the f-ing quiz!

Fire is an amazing thing that most people dont know what it can do or how dangerous it can be. This quiz will help you wit it. Be Safe. dont let fire hurt you be smart. a lot of people can died from fire and by taking this quiz you will know if you are a person who kills people by burning them to death. take the quiz.

Created by: john

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  1. Would you consider burning a buisness corperation?
  2. Do you want to be BFF's with fire?
  3. Do you play with fire frequently?
  4. Do you find fire fun?
  5. Was this quiz boring?
  6. Do you have thoughts about lighting people on fire???
  7. Haves you ever ate fire!
  8. What did you think about this quiz?
  9. What would you perfer?
  10. Do you consider yourself as a pyromaniac?

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Quiz topic: Am I A PYROMANIAC?