Are you a Pyromaniac?

There are kids who like to mess with fire, then there are the crazy ones who commit arsen. and worst of all are the ones who are wannabe pyros who love attention. Which are you?

This quiz will help determine that. You will be asked less than 20 questions to determine what kind of pyro you are, or if you are even one at all. Good luck.

Created by: Matt
  1. Do you like to mess with fire?
  2. Have you ever set your self on fire by accident?
  3. Have you ever set your self on fire on purpose?
  4. if so.. did you watch it burn or put it out right away?
  5. Do your eyes light up when you see the video of the hindenburg burning?
  6. Have you ever made TATP?
  7. Do you even know what TATP is?
  8. have you ever burned your house down?
  9. How many boxes of matches do you go through per week?
  10. Are you going to keep taking this test to get a higher score?
  11. Why do you mess with fire?
  12. Do your friends say stuff about you being a pyro?
  13. Are your 4th of july show off the chain?
  14. Do you loathe smokey the bear... you know "only you can prevent forest fires"

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Quiz topic: Am I a Pyromaniac?