Are you a Pro or a Noob at Minecraft

Are you enough experienced to take the pro quiz in minecraft? If so DO IT! JUST DO IT :P This is my first quiz so do not hate! By Unharmless! :D Yeah!

I've been playing since minecraft started! Thats why I'm so pro! I'm not lieing and it is true. Thanks for not hating. Now srsly are you pro or noob..

Created by: Unharmless
  1. How Do you make a Crafting Table?
  2. How do you Enter Debug Mode?
  3. How to craft an Enchanting Table?
  4. Easiest way to Summon a Killer Rabbit?
  5. Correct Material to Create a House?
  6. Bedrock also has another name! What is it?
  7. When a portal is not lit and you're in the Nether and you do not have a flint and steel, What do you do?
  8. What Type of Villager was removed from the game?
  9. The Villagers were inspired by the shop keepers in?
  10. What Snapshot did Jeb added Slime Blocks?
  11. When you login as a noob, what skin are you?
  12. What year was minecraft created?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Pro or a Noob at Minecraft