Minecraft, what is your rank

Do you play minecraft.Are you any good at it. There are a few people in this world who are born professionals. are you one?If you want to find out this is the quiz for you

This quiz is disigned to help you figure out if you are a pro,redstoner or a noob this quiz has six ranks That guy barney rank house_owner rank sky army rank jinbop rank team TDM rank and Hunterbrine(my) rank from noob to ULTIMATE MINECRAFT OVERLORD

Created by: Hunterbrine

  1. Have youseen a dimond
  2. Have you mined it
  3. Fav mob
  4. Fav ore
  5. How many PRO PKS done
  6. Are you OP
  7. Do you hug creepers
  8. Dirt
  9. Dimonds
  10. Did you enjoy this

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Quiz topic: Minecraft, what is my rank