Are you a poser? (skiing)

Are you a poser? Find out by taking my poser quiz. This quiz is for skiers. Snowboarders, just hang tight. I'm going to make a quiz like this one just for you guys.

There are many different kinds of people on a mountain, including snowboarders, ski bums, day trippers, park rats and posers. Find out if you are a poser.

Created by: Chad

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  1. How many degrees rotation are in a 5?
  2. What is a down flat down rail called?
  3. What is an up flat down rail called?
  4. What is a flat rail made of 2 small, metal pipes called?
  5. Who won the 2007 Winter X Games Men's skiing slopestyle?
  6. Who won the 2007 Winter X Games Men's Skiing Superpipe?
  7. Do you build a jump in your yard?
  8. What is the biggest spin you have landed?
  9. have you ever grinded a rail and landed it?
  10. Can you do a flip?
  11. What spins/flips are involved in a Kangaroo Flip?
  12. how many tips do your skis have?

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Quiz topic: Am I a poser? (skiing)