Are you a poser or skater?

Hey Dudes! Do You think youre a skater? What about a poser? Well find out here if you take this quiz! Some people are true to skateboarding. While others are all about wearing the hottest stuff and want the money involved in it. We hate thoswe kind of people!

Find out Now if you are a poser. Or even a Skateboarder. Hopefully, you are a true skateboarder. oh, and dont forget that if you think ou are a poser, you are definety a poser. trust me.

Created by: Randy
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  1. Who had the highest ollie?
  2. What is your style?
  3. Who were the Z Boys?
  4. Name fiv real skate brands!
  5. What is it when the board does a Pop shuv it while you do a 180
  6. Who fell at the x gams 13?
  7. What does it mean when you get credit carded?
  8. Who infuenced street skating?
  9. What z boy Recently went to jail for drug smuggling?
  10. What year was VANS established?
  11. Last one, Who started Baker Skateboards?

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Quiz topic: Am I a poser or skater?