Parties happen all the time all over the country. They are a form of entertainment or a chance to unwined from the stress of the week. But no matter how you slice it parties are alwas fun. Now there is a way to find how your parties rank in the grand sceme of things

Are you the ultimate partier? Do you have what it takes to throw the most awsome bash of the year? Take this quiz and see how your party skills rank. Will you be on top for all time or will you fizzle like a 4th of July sparkler,there is only one way to find out take this quiz today or forever wonder if your parties rock or stink.

Created by: Nicholas

  1. It's friday you just got payed what do you do?
  2. the store is out of chips and dip now what
  3. How would you rank you self as a partier
  4. When you do throw a party they are
  5. If you could party all the time would you
  6. It may seem stupid but whats your favorite color
  7. Was that question stupid or what
  8. How do you think you did
  9. Are you crazy
  10. Parties over now what

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Quiz topic: Am I A PARTIER