Which Zwangzugian Political Party should you join?

Welcome to Zwangzug! Thanks to the glories of the instant-runoff ballot, you can rank plenty of parties you care about when you vote for your representative. At the end of the day, however, one party might be closest to your heart.

Although only had room to list ten parties here (the Parliament contains several more), this can give you a brief crash course in Zwangzugian politics. So what if there's a general tendency towards leftist economics? There's still plenty of dissent and discussion between the parties.

Created by: Zwangzug of Zwangzug on NationStates
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  1. Do you think parties should have a general or specific focus?
  2. My taxes...
  3. Back in my day...
  4. Ssh, we'll never tell anyone, but what do you secretly hate?
  5. Oh, do you know the MUFN men? (They worked on Drury Lane.)
  6. I say moon, you say...
  7. No man, no madness...
  8. Favorite line from Zwangzug's WorldVision winning song, The Pendulum?
  9. So you're reading Harry Potter (which is a bestseller in Zwangzug), and you tear up at that part when...
  10. How should the government be making decisions?

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Quiz topic: Which Zwangzugian Political Party should I join?