Are you a nice guy?

This is a test to see if you are a "nice guy" or or not. Find out which catagory you fit into, Mamma's Boy, Mr. Nice Guy, Mr. Weirdo, or Mr Psycho. They demand entirely to long of descriptions too.

Are you a "nice guy", take this test and find out. Are you too much of a "Mamma's Boy" or maybe your "Mr. Psycho". Find out now. They deman entirely to long of descriptions in this one too.

Created by: Thomas Crowe of MySpace
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  1. 1. How do you typically look when you meet your date?
  2. "Women are wonderful." Do you agree?
  3. When a woman cancels a date with you,
  4. On my first date with a woman, I;
  5. I think women are
  6. I said something stupid to my date and she got very angry, I;
  7. For Valentine's Day;
  8. I get dates
  9. When I am at a bar,
  10. When women end a relationship with me, it's usually because
  11. When I decide to get married,
  12. Marriage
  13. If I ever got married I would
  14. I get laid
  15. Look at your charge card bills. those related to women are

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Quiz topic: Am I a nice guy?