Are You A Newborn?

There are so many Magcon fans now, but few who are really a part of the fandom. A real fan should know these answers right off the top of their head. This quiz is pretty easy so do your best!

Are you a real fan? Do you consider yourself a pro or a newborn? This quiz will tell you exactly what you are qualified as. Good luck, and I hope you know your stuff!

Created by: Brynn
  1. When was the first Magcon?
  2. Who created Magcon?
  3. How many brothers does Nash have?
  4. What is Cameron's middle name?
  5. What is Carter's girlfriend's name?
  6. When is Hayes's birthday?
  7. What school did Matt go to?
  8. Who is Taylor's bestfriend?
  9. How did Jack G and Jack J become best friends?
  10. Who is Aaron closest to?
  11. Who did Shawn tour with?
  12. What does Jacob do now?

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Quiz topic: Am I A Newborn?