Are you a newborn

This is a quiz to see if you are a true born Magcon fan.... Or are you just one those dumb new borns who think they know everything, so this quiz should test you on something's about the boys.

Are you a real fan? Do you qualify to be a part of the Magcon Family? If you think you do qualify test your self, do the quiz and see if you are Magcon Family worthy... Bæ

Created by: Selena

  1. When is Cameron's birthday
  2. Who penny boards?
  3. What's Carter's favorite color?
  4. What's Taylor's middle name?
  5. How old is Hayes?
  6. Who wears bandanas?
  7. What color are Nash's eyes
  8. What is Taylor's Best friends name?
  9. Who is Cash??
  10. What's Matthew's last name?

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Quiz topic: Am I a newborn