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  • are you a music freak?
    Your Result: for you music is just there

    Is does not matter either way to you, if someone is singing good for them if not oh well, you will never understand the full joys of music but you do not care either way.

    Hugely innacurate. This quiz sucks. I'm a huge music freak--mainly screaming metal and hard rock...but just because I don't sing doesn't mean that I don't like music. I can do death growls well...but that's abou it.

  • Your Result: you hate music

    Music rather than giving you joy, it completely annoys you and you would rather die that have to hear it, unfortunately for you there are to many people in the world that are music freaks and so you are stuck with it ha ha!

    Hey I LOVE music, its my life, but just because I dont sing alot or I cant play that many instruments, tht doesnt mean I dont like music. I listen to music 24/7 and what was tht about music books? Theres some people that dint listen to the music in those books like me. I love hardcore and metal music and i know im a music freak. So not tht great of a quiz.

  • Yup I'm a music freak! Could of told ya that lol ^_^ And someday I WILL be a musician.


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