Are you a Minecraft expert?

The game in this quiz is one that is usually underestimated. This quiz will really separate people into three groups: Non Players, Newish Gamers, and Gaming Pros.

Are YOU a Minecraft Pro? Do you want to be? Or, are you one of those boring, dull Non-Minecrafters, who have nothing better to do than sit around, reading books. Take this quiz, and you will be a few clicks away from the result!

Created by: Quizzter887

  1. Which mob is not in Minecraft?
  2. How many eggs do you need for cake?
  3. What version of Minecraft was the PC in when the X-box version was released?
  4. What is the username of the Minecraft PC's current developer?
  5. What was Minecraft originally called?
  6. What is Skyblock?
  7. What is Minecraft?
  8. What was the ip for the very first server?
  9. What are passive mobs?
  10. What are hostile mobs?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Minecraft expert?