are you a meanie?

this is the meanie quiz to tell if you're not a meanie. well actually its just a quiz with very random questions its sorta like a random quiz but it says

if you're a meanie or not. ENJOY oh wait i cant stop writing ok so in this quick and easy and fun quiz you can find out if you are a meanie or not.

Created by: waterlover999

  1. do you think youre a meanie?
  2. do you like avril lavigne?
  3. if you woke up one morning and a bear was right next to you what would you do?
  4. have you ever read the book hatchet by gary paulson
  5. do you hate candy corn?
  6. do you like angry birds?
  7. what would you do if you woke up and went to the kitchen and you see hello kitty only shes fat and all your cereal was gone?
  8. how old are you?
  10. what is your favorite color?
  11. im to lazy to make 12 question so BYE!!!!!

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Quiz topic: Am I a meanie?