Are you A Maximum Ride Expert?

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How Much have you studied, how much do you know? Are you ready for the ultimate Maximum Ride test to see if you are an expert? See if you are good enough to fly away from that School and join the Flock.

Maximum Ride: How much do you know about this amazing series of books? Are you an expert or do you need a little more practice? Only a couple minutes and you can find out by taking this awesome quiz!

Created by: Lily
  1. What were the Flock doing when Angel was Abducted (The Angel Experiment)
  2. What Members of the Flock are related?
  3. How and where does Max get shot?(The Angel Experiment)
  4. Where do Fang and Max first kiss?
  5. Which order do these books go in? A. Final Warning B. Angel Experiment C. Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports D. MAX E. Nevermore F. School's Out-Forever G. Fang H. Angel
  6. Who is the VOICE?
  7. Who writes Maximum Ride (Real hard, aye?) jks
  8. What is the location of The School?
  9. Where are the best cookies in the world, according to Max?
  10. Who must choose between Dylan and Fang?
  11. What is the first sentence in Chapter one, The Angel Experiment?
  12. In The Angel Experiment, who kills Ari?

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Quiz topic: Am I A Maximum Ride Expert?